About Witscript

This revolutionary joke generator is powered by artificial intelligence…and the wit of a four-time Emmy-winning comedy writer.

Witscript blends generative AI with the expert knowledge contained in the book “Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV.”

It’s a unique hybrid system that lets you create jokes fast.

So You Think You Know Gravity? Let Us Drop Some Knowledge


What Witscript Does

Turn news headlines into topical jokes.
Want to post something funny about a current event that everybody's talking about?Just input the he...
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Compose clever comments for social media.
Would you like to respond to something you read in a way that makes people smile?Input the comment ...
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Use jokes to liven up a speech, ad or article.
Witscript can help you add humor to any text that needs some lightening up. Just input sentences fr...
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Come up with funny captions for photos.
Give Witscript a one-sentence description of what's going on in the photo. Witscript will process t...
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Add fresh material to a standup comedy routine.
Have you observed something dumb, annoying, or weird in the world that's begging for your joke? Put...
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Give your chatbot or robot a sense of humor.
Witscript can be integrated into your chatbot or robot as a humor module. With Witscript supplying ...
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