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About Witscript

Witscript is a joke generator powered by AI.

It was created by Joe Toplyn, a four-time Emmy winner and a former head writer for David Letterman and Jay Leno. He’s also the author of the how-to book “Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV.”

The Witscript system is unique. It’s even patented (U.S. Patent Nos. 10,642,939; 10,878,817; and 11,080,485).

You may have noticed that ChatGPT and other generative AI systems aren’t particularly funny. But the Witscript system is.

That’s because Witscript went to joke school.

How Witscript works

  • Witscript is web-based and currently only works in English.
  • Input a sentence that you want to turn into a joke.
  • Witscript applies generative AI and joke-writing algorithms to your input.
  • In seconds, Witscript responds with several possible jokes and picks its favorite.
  • You can generate more joke responses to the same sentence.
  • Or move on to a new topic by entering a different sentence.
  • Witscript will keep pitching until you have jokes you love.
  • And the jokes are all yours. You own your inputs and Witscript’s outputs..
  • So take the funny and run!

Use cases

Turn news headlines into topical jokes.

Want to write something funny about a current event? Just input a sentence summarizing the event–maybe a news headline–and then select your favorite Witscript wisecrack.

You input: Astronomers detected a record-breaking radio signal that took 8 billion years to reach Earth.

Witscript responds: And I thought my WiFi was slow.

Use humor to liven up a speech, ad or article.

Witscript can help you add humor to any written material that needs some lightening up. Just input a sentence from the text that seems to invite a follow-on joke. Witscript will generate joke options that you can insert.

You input: You may have heard that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Witscript responds: Well, I’m in luck then. My sweat glands are way more productive than my brain.

Compose clever comments for social media.

Would you like to respond to something you read online in a way that makes people smile? Input the remark that you’re responding to and Witscript will suggest witticisms that you can post as-is or adapt.

You input: There’s no trash pickup on Monday because it’s Lincoln’s Birthday.

Witscript responds: Well, I guess even Honest Abe needs a break from cleaning up after us.

Add fresh material to a standup comedy routine.

Have you noticed something interesting, surprising, annoying, weird or dumb in the world that’s begging for a joke? Input your observation into Witscript and let it pitch possible ways to complete the joke.

You input: Marriage is a lot like going to Costco.

Witscript responds: Because nothing says commitment like buying a year’s supply of toilet paper in bulk.

Generate jokes for a sketch.

Many sketches are collections of jokes related by a theme. Use Witscript to help you write those jokes.

For example, say you’re writing a sketch in which Amazon’s Alexa responds humorously to typical questions from users.

You input: Hey, Alexa. What movie won Best Picture in 1996?

Witscript responds: Probably not ‘The Emoji Movie’. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it was the one with Leonardo DiCaprio and a big floating door. Probably a better question for Siri, she’s got that kind of memory.

Create funny captions for cartoons or other images.

Just ask Witscript a relevant question about the image that includes the image’s most important details. Witscript will suggest possibilities for a funny caption.

You input: What would a doctor in an examination room say to Mr. Potato Head?

Witscript responds: Looks like you need a little more than just some plastic surgery, Mr. Potato Head!

Give your chatbot or robot a sense of humor.

Integrate Witscript into your chatbot or conversational robot as a humor module. With Witscript providing a humanlike sense of humor, your chatbot or robot could serve as a likeable and engaging artificial companion.

You input: What’s a good birthday present for someone who loves knitting?

Witscript responds: A sheep.


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